You have oily skin?

Fresher and less dull oily skin requires a minimum of method and regularity in care. A good clean in the morning and evening is the basis for successful treatment.

Acne anomalies are located mainly in the hair and sebaceous glands.

The pilosebaceous follicle is disturbed by various causes:

  • Excess sebum
  • Clogged pores
  • Inflammation and micro-cysts infection (acne pimples)
The three main causes are:
  • Sebaceous overproduction,
  • Keratinisation of the upper end of channel sebaceous
  • Proliferation of germs and bacteria in the sebaceous follicle.

The skin is dull and blurred. Traces of acne and buttons are visible and unsightly. Acne appears on skin areas rich in pilo-sebaceous follicle such as the face, the trunk, the upper back, etc. 

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