Specific treatments for men

Are beauty treatments, the use of cosmetics and perfumes solely women's interests? Men are increasingly interested in cosmetic treatments and in taking care of themselves.

Men concerned by their appearance

A recent market study shows that gradually modern man has got rid of prejudices that previously seemed to suggest that beauty care would undermine his manhood. The decisive event that led him to this change was women's increased access to previously all-male professions (medicine, law, politics, ...) and their often spectacular success.

Thus, in order not to be outdone by their female counterparts, men have begun to seek out beauty institutes. Modern man, reflecting of modern, dynamic life, is fully aware of the imperative to improve and protect his physical appearance and balance that with social responsibilities, work and family. He understands the paramount role of age, especially in the professional field, regardless of his chosen career.

To effectively respond to this aspiration of the male clientele, cosmetologists and chemists, beauty institutes and laboratories have developed beauty products and treatments tailored exclusively to men. 

Men's skin, different from women's skin?

Male skin is different from women, thicker and with typically male characteristics such as body hair and sebaceous glands.

But it still requires the same care and the same attention to prevent premature ageing (exacerbated by stress, tobacco, alcohol, daily shaving) and retain its suppleness and radiance. With age, skin thickness decreases more rapidly in humans and skin folds and furrows are still more marked and deeper in the male face than the female face. The stratum corneum is thicker, so hydration becomes paramount. Men represent a percentage each customer largest year faster in large cities but the "province" is no exception. 3 to 4 out of 10 customers who cross the threshold of the institutes are now male.

What treatments?

The most popular benefits are apparent to the care that is found in thalassotherapy (wet care, hydromassage bath, body massage manual). Other more traditional treatments (facial, manicure, pedicure) are also practiced by men! Once there, the very first step taken, the man does not hesitate to try other benefits.

His profil

Regular in his visits, the man is a valued customer and ultimately more "easy" that his wife, probably more informed and more willing to experiment with another centre, another treatment, etc. To meet its concise spirit, man appreciates the "ready-made" solutions that best fit their needs. The male sex is more rapid in its choice and favours packages (2 or 3 treatments) not too long but enough to make him relax, rest and well-being, essential characteristics of his approach in beauty salons.

Make him a gift

If you want to offer a gift or to discover a new experience, please visit us or call us to provide you all the information regarding our gift formula. This way, gentlemen, you have no excuse!

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