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Our knowledge gained in 30 years on the Asian and African markets allows us to be at the forefront of lightening and anti-stain treatments. We offer reliable and effective solutions to restore radiance, firmness and comfort to your skin.

What are melanins?

They are produced by the metabolism of melanocytes, specialized epidermal cells that make the synthesis by producing melanosomes (small vesicles) in which melanin is formed. Ageing, sunlight (UV), dry skin, chemical pollution and temperature changes are factors that cause ageing and disruption of the metabolic system of melanocytes.

After age 50, the natural aging of the system is accelerating, reinforcing the aforementioned harmful actions. Then unsightly hyper pigmentation spots appear in the most exposed areas: face, arms, hands, etc. The brown spots come from a disruption of melanin, the natural skin pigment that determines colour.

How to treat spots and stains?

Prevention is the most effective way to delay the onset of unsightly spots on the face. A good moisture balance of the skin reduces cell aging and thus delay its onset. Avoid the sun in exaggerated doses, because it is UV which are the factors triggering pigmentation. The use of sun protection is absolutely essential.

On the other hand, the photosensitive agents such perfumes, plants, drugs can react and cause the appearance of spots. Thanks to cosmetic ingredient studies of creams to combat the emergence and existing spots, surprising results by age and seniority spots can be expected. We prefer herbal ingredients for their effective, gentle, natural, not traumatic properties.

Black skin and spots

For black skin, hyperpigmentation is almost inevitable, for the good reason that melanocytes are arranged above the cap and keratinocyte cell arm connecting the two cells together are more numerous than in the white matter. The melanocytes produce a large amount of mature melanosomes large that "bombard " the keratinocyte permanently. It does not digest these melanosomes melanin and thus are found on all epidermal layers including continuous layer on the stratum corneum desquamatum.

Origins of the spots

  • Trauma: an insect bite activates intensive production of melanin to protect the injured party plus an induced iron deposit by the exuded blood button pierced.
  • Allergic reaction: the use of low-quality cosmetics, corticosteroids to "whitewash", strippers and abrasives causing severe allergies that leave sequelae spots.
  • Clients with black skin, while retaining significant secretion gradually loses lipid lamellar bodies (small grains located in the cells of the granular layer). These lipids do not allow the formation of intercellular cement. The cells lose their cohesion and flexibility. The distribution of melanin thus becomes less harmoniously. In the case of traces of ageing in a dark-skinned person, the skin takes in areas look grey, dull and ashen, revealing some highlights on the centre line. These spots increase when the subject is not placed in its original environment. After long years spent in France, because of désensoleillement, dry and cold air. This is accentuated by rapid dehydration.

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