What is a wrinkle?

Expression lines appear early. As their name suggests, they are the consequence of mimics: horizontal wrinkling of the forehead at the surprise for example, accent folds the outer corner of the eye, in the form of crow's feet, laugh or when blinking in the sun. When expressing emotions (smile, frown , etc.) there occurs muscle control in the face with it that draws the skin. Due to muscular work underlying a modification of the surface of the skin occurs.

The aging of the skin surface

For wrinkles due to aging, it is a modification of the junction between the dermis and the epidermis. These same reliefs on the surface of the skin in the form of micro-modules having the shape of a rhombus or a polygon. With age, this junction relaxes and, on the surface, the micromodule lines diverge from each other.

Consequence: there will be too much skin surface area relative to the area to cover the face, hence the appearance of subsidence, with widening of microridulaire trunks.

The increase of the skin surface can be corrected by surgical facelift that takes several millimeters of skin to remove wrinkles. Architectural alterations of the different layers of the skin. We must also consider the whole phenomenon, linked to the aging epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue.

  • Epidermis: layer dehydrated cornea hydrolipid depleted weakening of inter cellular circuitry surface.
  • Dermis: reduction of the basal layer, slowing the production of elastin and collagen.
  • Hypodermis: notable atrophy, speed transit of slow cells.


It will remain, as in all areas, best to prevent, rather than treat. Advising a healthy lifestyle may seem obvious but it is clear that good health and good hygiene also helps prevent their appearance. Cosmetology plays a significant role in protecting, maintaining hydration and also psychological potentiation combining the two previous effects provide effective treatment. Active cosmetic ingredients in the creams have evolved with the progress of science.

The combined professional care products used at home bring outstanding solutions. The gentle manipulation, manual or mechanical contribute scientifically, to prevent and treat of wrinkles.

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