Dark circles around the eyes

Dark circles are "shadows" in the lower orbicularis region. If they first appear in the corner of the eye, this is just the beginning of the movement is at the inner corner of the eye. These can arise because of the morphology of the face (thin bony face) or have a racial or innate cause (brown skins with natural melanin pigment concentration).

Tiredness, stress, illness

Finally, tiredness, stress and illness may lead to changes in tone of the lymphatic channels, which contract reflexively according to sensitivity. The drainage is poor, blood stagnates in the dilated vessels and skin reveals their bluish shadows. In extreme cases, blood pigments can win the interstitial tissue and skin colour more sustainably. In all cases, you must tone the vascular wall, drain and revitalize the eyelids.

Bags under the eyes

Likened to dark circles, this kind of edema often occurs in an advanced state of fatigue. The pockets are made of sagging skin, lack of lymphatic drainage and the insidious accumulation of water and fat in the subcutaneous tissue. Before the fat cells settle permanently in the distended lower eyelids, you must drain, desinfilter but also moisturize and firm.


Swelling of eyelids is due to a deficiency of lymphatic microcirculation of the eye contour. The micropump system of lymphatic channels is much more functional in the day thanks to thousands of beats of eyelids. This slows down the night because of the immobility of the eyelids and it is overwhelmed by the accumulation of waste (water + salt + alcohol harm eliminated). The fabrics will then distend causing swelling of the famous morning upon waking. To avoid this, advise your client to adopt a healthy lifestyle with adequate sleep. They appear quickly in an area where the skin is thin, dry and often sought by countless movements, since it is virtually devoid of sebaceous glands.

Protect, moisturize, rejuvenate and tone are the imperatives of the anti-aging fight. The care provided must have the following priorities:
  • Improve skin quality
  • Strengthen muscle tone
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Lighten the shadow of dark circles
  • Stimulate the muscle fibers

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Treatments in Beauty center

At home

  • Anti Puffiness & Dark Circle Cream
    Fights again the cutaneous slackening by stimulating the blood and lymphatic microcirculation

  • Eye Contour Cream 857
    Imparts elasticity and freshness to this extremely sensitive area of the face

  • Essential Oil N°2
    Mixture of essential oils and natural botanical oils specifically selected for their brightening and anti-dark circles properties

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