How to succeed your makeup ?

The pallets currently available allow for every mood, but it must however comply with certain rules to look good and especially a good anti-ageing make-up. It is good to know what is fashionable for a twenty year-old is not necessarily fit for a fifty year-old.


The face is the essential element of beauty. To emphasize the youth of the face, we give great care to the complexion. For an even complexion without imperfections, you should use foundation wisely. To do so, the observance of certain rules is essential:

  • Apply the product from the center of the face by stretching (sponge , brush or fingers) to the base of the neck, ears and hairline.
  • Avoid at all costs sepia, ocher and dark, digging lines and crush the brilliance of old faces.
  • Avoid shades that are too light for the skin (although it must be better too bright too dark) and golden shades too if the skin is white.
  • Use beige tones for a dewy look.

The eyes

Here too, we will follow certain golden rules:

  • Black eyes should avoid black lines and over-loaded mascara.
  • If the eyes are small, avoid kohl pencil.
  • If you emphasize your eyes in pencil, do not forget to put mascara to "finish" the look.
  • Banish at all costs pearl or iridescent colours.  These are ageing, burden the eye and diminish its luster among older women .
  • To enlarge the eyes, use brown or gray pencil in the outer corner of the eye.
  • Choose matte makeup powder according to your skin type and hair.
  • In reality, you can never go wrong using a brown eye that contains a hint of red or orange.
  • You can enrich the brown shadow with a touch of pink or peach with a warm hue.

The mouth

Beware luscious lips, which are fashionable, but not suitable for all. It is important to remain natural as much as possible, highlighting and beautifying lips discretely. In general, we absolutely avoid:

  • Overflowing lipstick for the mouth appear more fleshy.
  • Wearing a bright or dark red when the lips are thin.
  • Making up the full lips if the mouth is large.

On the other hand, we can recommend :

  • Adopting a clear red or pinkish beige when the lips are thin.
  • Adopting a transparent red when the lips are thick.
  • Increasing the volume of the lips with a clear pencil outline.
  • Applying red brush and stopping before the corners.


Provided that it is well chosen and balanced, blush will ensure a healthy glow.

  • It is good to rely on the colour of the lipstick (for that, you obviously put lipstick before applying blush!) but also the season (e.g. coral adapts more easily in summer than winter).  
  • To apply blush, put it first on the back of the hand to remove the overflow of colour. Then apply it on the cheekbones upwards towards the temples.

The harmony of colors

Always choose between the eyes or lips loaded: Don't take the risk of doing too much and not being elegant.

Quick tips:

  • Choose a neutral lip gloss.
  • Shades of clothing (sweater, dress, etc.) should be married to blush or lipstick to avoid mixing too many colours. It should be one or two shades darker than the clothes, but never more pale.

If you have any question or need further information, feel free to contact our professional team ! 

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