Beauty of the Bust

The breasts are supported and suspended on a natural bra from the neck, chin and shoulders. These support tissues are the only ones that hold the breasts in place and giving them tone, firmness, and height.

The skin is the outer shell of the breast. It gives shape and elasticity. The skin of this region is very fine. It is lined with a subcutaneous tissue very developed in continuation with the neck and the thoracoabdominal region which has two formations:

  1. Fatty nodules
  2. Fibrous tissue: the superficial fascia

The mammary gland is not attached to the pectoral muscle, but the skin and subcutaneous system. The contraction of the pectorals does not result in any substantial movement of the gland. Adipose tissue completely covers the gland, except at the areola and nipple. This is the adipose tissue with the connective tissue resulting in its shape and form. Channels convey the milk outwardly. There is no muscle.

Breast size

Breast average weight 200 grams, it is 10 cm in height, 10 cm in length and 5 cm in thickness. Of course it is a moving average based on the morphology (ie the development of the shoulders).

What aesthetic problems may there be with breasts?

  • Normal breast losing its firmness, tone, it is heavy and falls down
  • Hypertrophy of the breast, due to the hyper-development of the conjunctive tissue
  • Insufficiently developed breast

Breast ptosis

This is one of the most frequent problems of the breast. Ptosis is due to several factors:
  • The weight of the gland and quality
  • Skin elasticity
  • Lack of bra
  • Sudden variation in weight
  • Pregnancy

At beauty center

Treatments of the bust that are interested only in the bust provide only an inadequate solution. The only effective way to treat the breasts is to take care also of the neckline.

  • The "Beauty & Firming of the Bust" has the objective to tone up and firm up the bust.
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  • The "Beauty & Development of the Bust" has the objective to develop your breat. 
    I discover this treatment in beauty salon (Brussels or Comines)

At home

Nadine Salembier has developed a complete range of products to take care of your bust. 

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