Preventing and treating stretch marks

Pregnancy, gaining or losing weight rapidly... There are many reasons for the appearance of unsightly stretch marks. Can they be avoided? Repaired? Nadine Salembier answers all these questions

What are the stretch marks? 

Stretch marks are an alteration of the elastic fibers of the dermis. They appear on the skin as a streak of scar appearance, pink and pearly, the length and width are extremely variable. Connective tissue (a filling material) consists of collagen and a another more specialized collagen, called elastin (elastic tissue). Both collagens produced by fibroblasts. These are regenerative cells having the ability to produce collagen continuously. Their biggest problem is to produce elastin until the age of forty, after which production decreases. Without sufficient elastin, the elastic skin network reaches a break, which is the stretch mark. This manifests itself on the skin in the form of unsightly marks. It is a kind of hernia in the epidermis like an exploded air chamber.

Factors causing stretch marks

Until recently, it was believed that the elastic tissue of the skin, once broken, could never be repaired. However, the reality is quite different. One woman in five is suffering from stretch marks. A survey of several Paris hospitals shows that, during pregnancy, the average is one woman in two!
Although having no serious pathological consequences, stretch marks are an important disfigurement very keenly felt by women who have it. They affect 70% of girls aged 10 to 16 years, and 90% of pregnant women, but also 40% of boys at puberty.

How stretch marks appear ?

  • Mechanical theory: a sudden or progressive distension of the skin, associated with an alteration of its, elasticity works in favour of the severing of the elastic fibres.

  • Endocrinal theory: a hypersecretion of certain surrenalian hormones provoking a skin atrophy. Although age plays a major role in their appearing, other elements also account for it, such as pregnancy, hormonal deregulation, nursing, loss of weight, etc..

The major cause of the elastic fracture also from a lack of water in the cells. At the first signs of dehydration, collagen fibers form numerous and closely spaced branches which, tensile strength, lose elasticity and break so visible in the epidermis. Stretch marks appear mostly on the breasts, hips, thighs, stomach, buttocks and generally on all the body parts subjected to high distension.

How to prevent and treat stretch marks?

French researchers of the renowned CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), specializing in the study of connective tissue, found that a new formation of elastic tissue was possible with the resuscitation of elastin fibroblast. They thus isolated and tested elements of association of regenerating tissue in plant environment: horsetail (silicon rich), lady's mantle (which stimulates nutrition connective) sentella asiatica (powerful restoring dermal) Finally, silicon, part naturally connective tissue and is most absorbed by the fibroblasts. Tests carried out in Bordeaux showed 92% success in the pre-pregnancy prevention, 63% for curative during pregnancy, and 68% after delivery.

In order to prevent and treat stretch marks, Nadine Salembier has developed "Anti-Stretch Marks Milk 853with regenerating, healing and fortifying actions. With a daily use, the skin becomes softer and the disgraceful marks disappear.

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