My anti-cellulite beauty routine

It can be unpleasant to see cellulite where it was not before. Poor diet, lack of exercise ... There are various causes but solutions exist to prevent its occurrence and also to fight its existence. Where does it come from? Where does it occur? Spotlight on cellulite

  1. Fatigue of the venous and lymphatic circulation
    The skin looks like "orange peel" and hypertrophy and hyperplasia are visible, as well as large adipocytes (fat cells). We note also a weight excess (5 to 10 kg) with respect to the size.

  2. Saddlebags
    It rises up to the iliac crest (haunches) and ends mid-thigh with an extension in the knee. It is accompanied by an orange peel as well as hypertrophy and significant hyperplasia of the adipocytes.

  3. Impaired circulation
    This type of cellulite is localized on both lower limbs and upper limbs. The skin has a reddish-blue colour. This deficiency is accompanied by serious capillaries and lymphatic problems.

  4. Belly, hips and thighs
    The skin has a thick, dimpled appearance and is accompanied by hypertrophy and hyperplasia sizeable adipocytes.

  5. Pre-menopause
    Hormonal disturbances related to this period of life leads to a lack of progesterone and too abundant secretion of oestrogen. Cellulite may be located mainly on the lower limbs. Finally, the skin takes on the appearance of "orange peel".

What solutions to treat cellulite? Is massage enough?

We thought he had to count every calorie ingested and do a lot of sports to drive away saddlebags but we now know that this is achieved best with an intense programme of exercise over time, and through a balanced diet. Scientific advances have created many methods of treatment and many areas of activity have addressed the problem. Medical, paramedical and of course aesthetics, each bring in their own way of solutions, all as good as each other.

Our philosophy

For the beautician, the best way to approach the problem is, above all, to understand the appearance. The local aspect of excess fat leads to having to choose treatments that act aggressively to specific locations where they came to stay.
Some techniques on the market offer massages using machines and expensive equipment. We feel that nothing can replace the hands of a professional. Massage techniques developed by Nadine Salembier are recognized for the effectiveness they have shown for decades.
The treatments provided by Nadine Salembier institutes come from a long experience and knowledge of experienced problems related to lack of firmness and tone of certain body areas. Treatments and products combine to efficiency checked at thinning and firming.

  • "Slimming Course"
       I discover this treatment in my beauty salon (Brussels or Comines)

  • The "Body Contouring Massage" treatment allows to strengthen and give more tone to the tissues that make up the elastic network of the skin. It is firmer and smoother. The effect "orange peel" is visibly reduced !
       I discover this treatment in my beauty salon (Brussels or Comines)

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