My neck's skin become is sagging

The first visible signs of time occur in the neck, the eyes and hands.

Hereditary characters and constitution of this area determine if neck skin is prone to fine lines, wrinkles caused by facial expressions, transverse wrinkles, a coarse skin texture or double chin.

The skin on our neck is constantly challenged, whether it's through clothing or hair rubbing, or natural movement. The thickness of the stratum corneum thickens with time, then the skin is heavily damaged, the surface of the skin appears irregular, and wrinkles emerge.

2 facts about the neck skin:
  1. The neck skin has fewer sebaceous glands, and sebaceous film is much thinner than the face for example.
  2. On the other hand, the number of these glands is reduced cyclically between 35 and 40 years and between 50 and 65 years. Therefore, the skin is no longer able to retain moisture, it becomes dry and loses elasticity.
In addition, it is often abused by exposure to intensive sunlight. The hard layer continues to thicken, and the ageing process is accelerated. In winter, the skin is doubly tested because of the low humidity in the air.

Subcutaneous tissue are also more visible in the neck. When excess fat is deposited in the connective tissue layer, it is difficult to mobilize. The "fat location centers" as they are called, occur in women at the front of the neck (causing a double chin), the cheeks and buttocks. For men, they occur in the neck and the belly.

Discover the products that Nadine Salembier has developed for you in order to hydrate and prevent wrinkles in the neck zone:

The musculature of the neck

The neck is highly stressed by the permanent head movements which cause dilation of tissue up to 80%. Neck muscles are daily strained, especially among people sitting a long time at their desk and who have poor posture. Small fine lines then form and degenerate into particularly deep wrinkles.

Platysma muscles of the neck

Weakening of the platysma muscles in the sub-maxillary region are responsible for flabby necks and premature ageing.

Sternocleidomastoid muscles

Bulkier than the facial muscles, they are responsible for the painful spasm that we all know too well. Except in the case of lymph node inflammation, they will be treated with care. The strokes are performed from top to bottom (direction of the blood stream and fibres) according to the same technique used for the platysma . The light, high frequency touch is also recommended as well as electro-stimulation, which strengthens the microfibres of the skin.

The skin of the neck

It is always recommended to use cosmetic preparations with toning and nourishing properties to fight effectively against sagging skin.

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