How to prevent pregnancy stretch marks?

Giving new life is probably the most extraordinary event in the life of a woman, but it is not without consequence for the body; several areas change considerably with pregnancy. With our unique program of combined care you will experience this wonderful time while staying a radiant mom.


Take care of them throughout your pregnancy!
Hormonal disturbances induced by pregnancy increases the volume of the breasts, and the skin becomes more sensitive and delicate. Your bust can lose firmness after pregnancy. The elasticity of the skin should be stimulated to keep the youth of your breasts and avoid tearing of the supporting tissues causing the appearance of stretch marks. By the third month of pregnancy, care of the bust and stretch marks are necessary to prevent any lasting harm. 
Nadine Salembier has developed a complete range of specific cares for the Beauty of the Bust.

The face

Dry, oily and normal skin with normal hormones, generally cause no problem. But sometimes unexpected hormonal reactions cause sudden changes in the skin. It can become dry or very dehydrated or, conversely, greasy, causing blackheads. Depending on the condition of your skin, we will choose the appropriate care that best suits your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice at our beautician at your beauty center "Beauté & Vie - Nadine Salembier".

The body

The increase in weight and volume during pregnancy stretches the skin. Elastic fibres of the connective tissue can break causing the appearance of stretch marks. They usually appear on the breasts, hips and thighs.
You can act effectively to preventive and active way for existing stretch marks, the Pre- and post- natal treatment is specifically designed for this purpose. To discover at the beauty center "Beauté & Vie - Nadine Salembier" in Brussels or Comines.
Oestrogen enhances the natural drying of the skin. Dry skin ages faster. The use of home care products by institute (program attached) provide surprising results. Our advice? The Anti-Stretch Marks Milk 853 must be applied twice daily all over the body and especially in the chest, hips, thighs and inner arms.

Beware of the sun

Acting on hormones secreted during pregnancy, the sun can be the main cause of a "mask" of unsightly spots on the surface of the skin. The solution? Limit exposure to the sun by wearing the Sun Protection Face & Body SPF20. This Solar Monitor is an invisible film blocking harmful radiation from the sun. If, however, you are a fan of the tan, opt for one of our self-tanning treatments, which give you a safe healthy bronze-colour.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some advice.

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